| erotic short stories about feet, socks, footfetish and more ...

Black clothes, hat, net stockings and Combat Boots - really something extra ordinary. But …With that heat outside it is a totally sweaty thing. Reason enough to stay insid…The two friends Haily and Miley wait at the old rails for you to show you their cute feet …

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Foot stories. Written by visitors. For visitors.

Stories all about feet, socks, footfetish, sockfetish,...

Read short stories about all the huge theme of feet and footfetish. Nice real experiences or phantasy. As long as it is about sexy girls in cute socks, nice pantyhose or exciting barefoot or any feet issue else... it is worth to read a story about. New stories can follow in irregular intervals, as long and as soon as someone sends a good footstory. And a very special thing with us is: We also have dynamic stories! This means, up to 6 words (mostly names) are totally of your choice. So you can read your version of the story with your name and your big love's name in the main roles. Don't worry: Only you can read your very special version.

Write a story by yourself lives from all you guys, taking part actively. Only as long as some of you send in (good) stories, this section can be alive. Help to make this a huge foot story archive and earn a name as a great story teller in the foot fetish world. That way we all have only advantages of it. Read here how easy you can send in a self written(!) story which is not posted anywhere else in the web..

Erotic foot stories

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Find new stories in irregular intervals. Stop by frequently. Write & send your own, self-written story!
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