A wonderful set with a great Lucy how she takes a bath in a sea of colorful balloons. She …In sneakers and purple socks she climbs on the framework where she takes off her…Even in a princess garden somewhen the sun will go down. But before this happens, promenad…

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One focus of Sockenmaedchen.de v8.0 is also a focus on reports, articles and reports on feet, foot fetish, socks, sock fetish and everything that just goes with it. This can be (under certain circumstances, a few) unusual websites which are especially worth mentioning, foot fetish regulars' tables which is a pleasure for me to be invited to and then report about it (and to inspire other people) or whatever.

If you have ideas and suggestions, I am looking forward to hear about it. But please understand that of course I cannot implement every idea. However, I can listen to everything. If you want to write an article yourself you are welcome to do so. You can ask in advance whether the topic would be okay. I reserve the right to shorten the article, to modify the text (without changing the contents of course) or to reject if it should not fit on the page, for understandable reasons.

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