Namely from the cold. It was very chilly that day and Malika was wearing such short clothe…Svenja knows exactly how much you adore her feet. So she decided to show you her…Tanny waits for you in black knee high socks. After a while she takes them off and present…

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Every 1,87 years...

This is how often on average the look and layout of has changed during the last (nearly) 15 years. And now, just on time for the turn of the year 2014/2015 already in the 8th version. I hope you like this version. But why a change? What is different? What is better? What is new and what are the reasons?

I will go back in a little more detail: In 2000, started hesitantly at first. Then it went very well relatively quickly, and during the last years it has become rather quiet again. This is due to many factors. Also in private life there were quite a few things, both healthwise and relationshipwise and often it was difficult to keep everything running at all. I've always tried not to show, provided regularly four updates per week and kept everything else continously running. "The show must go on". Then in October 2012, we were forbidden to use Payp*l as a payment method. We had to give up the studio which made it harder to find models (who would come to a private apartment for a shooting) and so on. Hardly anyone probably noticed how hard the fights in the background were in order to keep everything alive, in spite of all cirumstances. Therefore was often only „vegetating“, but no more really alive. This can change again! That is why the impulse for innovation! v8.0 - "Revival". The subtitle says it all. will be either revived (and please also with your help, I'll get back to this in a bit) or it may well be that it is coming to an end some time. I myself, currently have the will, the motivation and enthusiasm to both push this page and to find many new models for Fairyfeet and also new ones who also get enthusiastic about Worship (which is getting more difficult nowadays. At least with natural, authentic "girls next door" as it has always been on But together we can bring the old flagship on full speed again! Something that has been living for 15 years must not die just like that. I have and will contribute my part to it, but I also need your help and support.

This new version of is by far the technically best of all times, optically clean and tidy and generally provides an ideal basis for a true "revival". Herewith I have delivered the portal and will keep on working on the optimization. The advantages of the new version:

  • Technically modern with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Optically cleaned up
  • Because of this English version worldwide more people will find us with
  • Contact board has become more tidy and was improved technically. Less categories make it look more clear.
  • Stories (as well as the remaining page) are more pleasant to read with larger fonts and bigger line spacings.
  • The menu structure enables continuously new features without complications. Like this, becomes expandable and extendable, theoretically to infinity.
  • The new approach also relies heavily on an editorial section. News all around the topic feet. No matter if recommendable websites, impressive stories of other webmasters, interviews with foot girls, reports on regular meetings of foot lovers etc. Whatever. So the page is gaining on information value and has a significant added value to the visitor (tendency always growing). I am absolutely open for new ideas on report topics
  • The page has been greatly improved for search engines (SEO). As a result, even more people find us, boys who can support us with their downloads and thereby help us to continue financing everything. And girls who want to model or want to meet to sell socks etc.

All in all, this all begins anew today and it will be growing continuously from now on. But I cannot do it alone, fill the "shop" again brimming with life. I need your active support throughout the community sense. I accept every active help greatfully. You receive detailed information on Be a part of how you can help revive with personal first aid measures. This list also provides a few ideas:

  • Surely: Buy downloads. Money provides more shootings and pays servers and "buys" me more available time which will benefit of. If possible, please buy something from time to time. Thank you!
  • Recommend the page wherever possible (and where topic is applicable). You never have to do this for free, but you can earn download credits for your efforts on by Link'n Win
  • Recommend girls (aged 18 or older) from your circle of acquaintances to No matter if for live meetings, sock sales or for modeling
  • Like and share us on Facebook and talk about us on Facebook
  • Suggest ideas for articles in this news section or write reports/articles on your own.
  • Write and send stories

Together we can get things moving again. When I see progress, I am motivated to programme new features. If more visitors come and thus more downloader and thus more money is available, then more models can be paid, more shootings can take place, higher fees can be paid for even greater productions, locations and implementations of (fancy) ideas. Every single one of the community benefits from this, including yourselves. Thank you for all the support in advance.

A few things have been cancelled with the new version. There are no more Daily Pics. Why? Because the Daily Pics cost me a lot of time, there has been no feedback for many years, and e.g. Free Stuff already provides more for free than most other web pages. The WebApp is also cancelled, because the numbers of visitors there were too low towards the end. However, new features can be added (again).

Thank you for reading.
And now have fun with v8.0

        Your Smellow
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