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Foot News: What about the smell of female feet?

Feet in movies

Certain body parts are quite often an issue in movie productions. So are feet. They are an often used medium in film language, be it as a part of the plot or only in single but therefore well memorable scenes. In order to prolong the first appearance of certain characters, directors often fade in their feet first, for example while leaving a car. The same camera angle can also be used to build up tension, for instance when somebody has transformed to someone different.

In this article however, I want to particularly address the erotic aspect of female feet and their effect on certain movies, as well as being a guide to lovers of both movies and feet. Two passions, that don’t have to exclude each other.

Remarkable scenes can be traced back all the way to 1956, such as in the French movie And God Created Women. The viewer gets to see adorable Brigitte Bardot on the beach, putting her feet in her male counterpart’s face. In the less known movie Two Weeks in September, there is another sequence with her that is even more thrilling in its impact. Her male admirer gets to occupy himself with her feet in every detail and quite lengthy.

Direction Mastermind Stanley Kubrick used his 1962 film adaption of the scandalous novel Lolita to embrace the exciting effect of women’s feet. Plot-wise, the movie is about Prof. Humbert Humbert (James Mason), who hopelessly fell in love with Dolores (Sue Lyon), the daughter of his landlady. In a longer sequence, he is allowed to paint her nails. That’s not it, however. Her feet are more often depicted in different scenes. In the opening credits, her feet are shown in the background the whole time. The movie poster shows a female foot resting on a male hand, implicating the worship of it. Director Adrian Lyne resumed putting the feet of the female main actor, in this case Dominique Swain, in focus in his 1997 remake. Her loveable feet are stylised in numerous sequences, one of which is really memorable. It shows her putting her feet in main actor Jeremy Irons‘ face and playing with it, while he is driving the car.

Even James Bond himself had an experience, worthwhile seeing for lovers of female feet. In the 1965 Classic Thunderball he took care of beautiful Bondgirl Claudine Auger’s left foot after she had stepped on a sea urchin. Despite a mistake (it was clearly visible that her right foot had to be the injured one), this sequence on the beach is filled with flaming eroticism. Sometimes, however, even small scenes are enough to remain in every foot lover’s mind. The 1976 film The Wing or the Tigh by Louis de Funes is often mentioned in this very context. One of the scenes shows Ann Zacharias resting her feet on the dashboard, causing French actor Coluche, who unfortunately died way too early, to sweat quite a bit. Ally Sheedy, who got famous through the 1985 film Breakfast Club, enjoyed showing off her feet in the naive, yet visionary movie Wargames (1983) as well.

The famous French actress Sophie Marceau, who became well known through the impressive film La Boum and its sequel early in the 80s, seems to enjoy having her pretty feet worshiped in several movies. At this point, L’amour braque (1985) needs to be highlighted in particular since you get to see her toes being taken care of by the tongue of her male fellow actor. She also can’t escape a foot massage in the 2009 movie Don’t look Back. A sequence in the 1988 move Johnny be Good leaves a potentially even bigger mark. In said sequence, young Uma Thurman is shown putting her feet in her fellow actor Anthony Michael Hall’s face, using her toes to grab his nose and ask him for a foot massage.

Concerning the preference for female feet, cult film director Quentin Tarantino plays a very special role. In his movies that have become known as classics and viewers’ favourites, there are almost always admirable scenes including feet. Early in the movie Pulp Fiction (1994), there is quite a long discussion about foot massages between Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. Later on, feet lovers get rewarded again when Uma Thurman is presenting her dirty soles in a close-up view. In his following movie Jackie Brown (1997), the viewer gets to admire Bridget Fonda’s feet in unforgettable close-up views. Robert Rodriguez’ popular mixture between road movie and vampire horror, known as From Dusk Till Dawn, contains a very well known sequence in which George Clooney gets to excessively suck on beautiful actress Salma Hayek’s toes. A long sequence in Kill Bill (2003) shows Uma Thurman in extraordinary detail trying to wiggle with her toes. There are multiple other movies from Tarantino in which feet play a role, either plot-wise (Inglorious Basterds) or just for enjoying it (Death Proof).

Another cult movie that has an actress’ toe in a special role is The Big Lebowski from the Coen Brothers (1998). Jeff Bridges is shown regarding the freshly painted toe of his fellow actress Tara Reid at close range. Furthermore he is requested to assist in drying it by blowing on it.

German productions sometimes contain some interesting sequences for foot lovers, as well. Helmut Dietl’s Lateshow (1999) for instance, in which Harald Schmidt got to suck on Jasmin Tabatabai’s toes. The sequel to Til Schweiger’s successful comedy Keinohrhasen shows him nibbling on actress Nora Tschirner’s toes.

Lots of other attractive actresses seem to have no problem with showing their feet on the big screen or even having them worshipped. In the movie Cherry Falls (2000), Brittany Murphy, who died far too young, pleasurably sticks her big toe in her fellow actor’s mouth, just like Christina Ricci does in Miranda (2002). In the movie Love and Other Disasters (2006), the former also receives a foot massage. In movies like The Informers (2008) or Drive Angry (2011), the attractive actress Amber Heard uses the magic eroticism of her feet, as well. Another remarkable sequence can be found in Big Trouble (2002), where Stanley Tucci gets to extensively lick between the toes of Sofia Vergara. A sequence from The Crew (2000) in which Carrie Anne-Moss gets her feet orally pampered is no less mentionable.

A scene from Road Trip (2000), however, is quite unfortunate regarding the depiction of foot fetishists. Director Todd Phillips has an interesting cameo appearance by approaching the feet of sleeping Amy Smart with his drooling tongue. The implementation of this scene displays foot fetishists as intrusive and uncontrollably aroused, labelling them as perverted curiosities. Thus, a stereotype depicting fetishists as constantly horny and dull is reinforced.

Altogether, it can be concluded that the erotic appeal of female feet is recognized as such in the screenland, being used accordingly from time to time. Actually it’s a good thing that prominent people, like Quentin Tarantino, present the topic “foot fetishism” to the mainstream, thereby pointing out that it is no less normal than common passions which are openly discussed in society. Another positive development is the increasing number of people in public life that stand by their preference, for instance German comedian Bülent Ceylan or famous singer Enrique Iglesias. Through their self-confident appearance in public, they cast a positive light on the negatively perceived term “fetishism”, pointing the way towards more openness and tolerance.

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