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Foot News: What about the smell of female feet?

About pheromones, Indians and tree climbers

The smell of the (female) feet! Many non-foot-lovers wrinkle their noses when they hear that you like feet, because they immediately connect an unpleasant to it. But is that true? How often "stink" feet? And where does the individual, subtle, body's own "fragrance" stop and starts to smell? And what causes the smell in foot-lovers?

Let's look at this theoretical. Wouldn't feet sweat, they would probably have almost no smell. At least not more or less than an elbow or the knee cap. The main purpose of sweating is to cool the body. But wasn't there something this pheromones? Aren't there pheromones in the sweat that will serve a very different, essential purpose? Right. The smell of (fresh) sweat has the purpose to find sexual partners and make them so horny that they forget any thoughts of upcoming alimony, pooped diapers, penis warts and other possible consecutive symptoms of beeing horny. The brain suspends, what it is allowed to do, because anyway all the blood has elsewhere gathered to celebrate a boozy "cocktail party". (By the way, women, a not insignificant amount of blood flows towards the uterus and away from the brain during excitation. Ha!)

But where are the most of these pheromones emanated? This is under the arms, in the genital area, and - you guessed it - on your feet! In the genital area okay, so the man knows where ''it'' has to go. Armpits? Whatever? You get pretty close to them on numerous sexual positions and so you get more and more steamy while sex. But why on earth on the feet? There are a handful of theories that say, that this is a holdover from the days when we still climbed barefoot on trees. Back then our nose worked much better and reacted far more sensitive to the slightest nuances. The suspicion is obvious that the human male could see from the track / the footprint and thus the foot smell of a human female, whether this is a) a female, b) just has the fertile days and c) fits genetically (which is marked by a sympathy expressing fragrance). Presumably, this all seemed rather subtle. The prehistoric foot lover (or all primitive man) couldn't probably smell a particularly strongly pronounced and consciously perceivable (feet)scent of a human trace, but rather realized in a subtle way "umpf !!! Horny !! I have to go there !!" or "Bah !! I prefer to go and eat mammoth!" Up to this point you can summarize: Finding the smell of feet (especially from a convenient and friendly people / girl) interesting, exciting or insightful, and to feel pleasant is through and through normal, innate and natural willed.

On the contrary "I can't smell him" we say this, when we absolutely do not get along with somebody. But "the chemistry is right" (eg, the fragrance), if those people feel themselves. And there (from a scientific point of view) the nose isn't unimportant. Some Indian tribes, had the opinion that the scent of a human is his soul. Before two people get married - and I'm serious - you should explicitly pay attention on each other's scent. It's not bout "acceptability". That's not enough. You should love the smell of the other!

Closer than close to the smell of your sweetheart

Up to this point, perhaps many women go completely d'accord. They even know how heavenly a left behind T-Shirt of a new boyfriend can smell while falling asleep with it. But why does it have to be the smell of the feet or socks? Why isn't a t-shirt or a scarf enough? From this point it is, in my opinion, speculative, individually and very differentiated. A counter question to all girls: Why does it make you feel embarrassed, if anyone wants to smell your feet? Exactly. Because of this. You feel that it is, in an oddly way, an intimate and personal spot. That you disclose incredibly much by "showing" of your foot-smell. Somehow, you have the feeling, that you reveal extremely much? And so it is. For the fragrance lovers among foot lovers (and that are probably the most), the foot smell of woman they just find great, attractive, gorgeous or they are just in love with her, is just that: A revelation! On fragrance level, there is a closeness and an intensity that can't be attained or surpassed by any other body fragrance or body part. You could compare it to the female genital area, what would make sense. And that is, of course, super intimate and personal. And still many fragrance virtuosos find that the scent of feet has many more nuances, is much more individual and personal. While enjoyment and experience of the incomparable, inimitable and unique foot smeel, it is about the revelation and intimacy in completion, that can only reach perfection at complete passion. The smelling person feels at that moment (the more perfect it is, the matching two people to each other) already an ecstasy, a perfection which can already reach a certain maximum on an emotional, sensual and spiritual level and possibly there is nothing more than this.

Parts of the (smell)brain get in the best case stimulated up to 100%, proximity and fusion with the beloved are at the peak. Just as the fragrance of the beloved perfuses the lungs and the body of the fragrance lover, just as close he feels to his sweetheart on an emotionally level.

May it be a little more?

After so much romance that maybe the occasional reader ruminates his lunch because of pomposity, there is still another step for some. Yes, not infrequently foot lovers want a much stronger odor. So much that most neutral scent referee would almost amicably talk about "stink". What is the attraction here? If all the pheromones are recruited by butyric acid and other things. Again, I can only speculate and make assumptions. It's probably not even so unrelated to the previously described. If a foot fetishist feels the desire to perceive a very strong foot odor, then that often passes seamlessly into a (soft) SM direction. The intimacy, the "heart" of the woman as it is described above. Again the scent penetrates, in this case the "stench", deep in the interior of the "consumers". So there is not only something externally, a game, a role, a situation, but one of the 6 senses of a man (sense of smell) is dominated to 100% by the playmate. She orders her "subject" to accept and to „endure“ her fragrance, her most intimate, and perhaps even to worship and adore it. She puts herself on a higher (fragrance)level above her (often referred to as) "Feetslave".

What can go deeper than dominate someone not only from outside, but also from the inside? It is like a fragrance injection. It may sound hard, but why should we condemn it when a man wants to release once, when he wants to be "down", when he wants to hand over the reins.

And in that case of a submissive shape of the foot fetish this happens still very intense and subtle way, but also extremely gentle, non-violent, without blood, bruises or permanent damage. In this case, a mocking or judgmental reaction (eg of a girl) in such a preference would be totally inappropriate. Ultimately, it is not a little intelligent game, a soft variety of the huge playground of the SM. If you do not want to do it, okay, not an issue. This is not for every one of us (not all foot fetishists are submissive!). Who doesn't understand, just think about it again. However, those who mocke this group of foot lovers or even condemned them wholesale, is simply tend a little to unopen, little experiment and yes, maybe even a bit boring. At least it's unfair to call a man a perfect all-round loser in real life, if he just wants to take over a submissive role. In that case, you should learn to understand, to distinguish between game and reality. Just take a deep breath and be a little above it all:-)

This article only scratches a topic. It is only the tip of the iceberg. However, this peak shows already, how extensive this area is. And just because it is so complex it has the right to exist and doesn't has to be refused. What percentage of footlovers are more gentle fragrance connoisseurs and how many are quite happy to have a little more stringent times, shows the occured survey. Thanks for reading, for voting and have fun with other "smell" experiences.

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