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Read here, why we can still be so cheap (but just yet!) as we always have been, what you can do to keep the prices low in future, why we won't add new/further payment methods and why all this is a great advantage for you!

Due to recent events, because it is always asked, I would like to explain here once again why there are "only" these options to pay, that are currently available and also why this is not a disadvantage for the prospective buyers.

Until the end of 2014, there were many payment methods, including paysafecard, infinSMS and infinPhone and several more. A brief history of the payment system odyssey: First Payp*l kicked us out in 2012 after they earned for years up to us, and I was personally "banned for life" as a private individual (feet sites that still cash up with Payp*l, move on thin ice. It is granted them, but according to their Terms and Conditions it is already too erotic for Payp*l and blocking those is probably only a matter of time).
Early 2014 Moneybookers dropped out. ClickandBuy followed without giving any reason and without mail, what's going on, in fall 2014. And because Paybest got this all (understandably) too stupid, at the end of 2014 they, probably completely annoyed by the arrogance of the "big financial institutions", stopped completely.

The search for new payment partners is difficult because they only offer credit cards, debit and instant transfer offer (which we even already have now, especially on, and / or because they require long contract periods, high rental charges and usually want to earn money too. Even before that it happened, that if someone downloaded something for 2.50 Euro paid by SMS, we only got 40 cents, the rest earned the "middlemen". Actually, for doing nothing. On average across all payment types 23.8% (I'm not exaggerating!) of your money were retained by them. This was the price to be paid for many and exotic payment methods.

If it is time then to find halfway reasonable billing partners and then I count it all through, it comes out that you would have to pay twice for each production to continue to make no loss. So 5€ per series and 6 to 8€ for a clip - provided of course that would not disturb the existing downloaders and further they would be willing to spend twice as much. I think if I double the prices after 15 years, you will be angry. It has his reasons why most other download portals are twice as expensive as we are (if not more expensive), or why these only offer credit card payment.

There aren't a few numbers of methods to pay on our pages, but previously it was a particularly large number of methods and exotic ones. Actually the fees had been too expensive too. There won't be new payment methods in 2015, with the 99% confidence. There are 4 different credit cards through CCBill. On there is also still SEPA direct debit and instant transfer europe-wide with Inet-Cash. And both sides have the extremely comfortable, anonymous, secure and with bonus remunerated Prepay Account that can be used by everyone all over the world without much circumstances. In this system, that works since 2005, we are all independent of the arbitrary, the whims and the fees of the Financial Services and only by the Prepay Account and the halfway tolerable fees for credit cards, we are able to continue with our extremely low prices.

Our sites have 80% regular customers, because who buys once, is very satisfied and in the most cases you buy again and again, not only because of the extremely fair prices. Good stuff is for everyone from time to time affordable. For these people, the Prepay Account is the best solution. Anyone who has ever used it, will always remain. That show the last 10 years. Our prices are almost outrageous "cheap" (in fact, some of our models are a little offended due to this fact). Than you can certainly take the minimum and only occasional "extra effort" when you first transfer an amount (or pay with any other advance payment). Then you can relax and download whenever you want. Like a prepaid phone. There, the system is also understood and loved. Maybe it sounds a bit awkward at first, but you get bonus, great prices and top quality downloads. If you decide to charge so much money to your Prepay Account that it is enough for about 1 month, for example 10-30 €, you have always balances ready and don't run danger. Bank or credit card details remain your secret - it can't be any safer than this. If the previous different-payers understand the principle behind it, many productions and several great models can follow for usual low prices.

Thanks for reading, for your understanding and here you can see more information, benefits and also contact details for the Prepay Account. Have fun with it! And thanks to every supporter!

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