At least at the beginning of this series Alina shows how beautiful her feet look in Flip F…Right with her first set Alexandra shows her photographical talent already. Even…I guess you didn't expect that! But yes! Melissa enthuses us in this series with her beaut…

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News by August 2nd 2017
What is the future of and

This information is interesting for ALL prepay account users, but also to all who are interested in our projects.
To plan your chargements of the prepay account better, you can read here how long we might still exist with what kind of updates.

Charge your prepay account in a way, so that you won't have any credits left once our projects will end.

  • The download possibility at ended by April 2017 as announced for 2 years.
  • was completely shut down by July 1st 2017. But you still can download selected goodies for free in our permanent Free Stuff Bonus Area
  • The Free Stuff section changed from a "A little free stuff to every one" to "A lot of free stuff for downloaders and supporters" in the now called Free Stuff Bonus Area
  • There will be taken no more new members for Link'n Win, the "old" participators will be informed about Link'n Win's end soon.
  • will stay online still in the beginning of 2018. Updates will be frequently 2 per week until end of 2017. New models will be very few only, maybe none at the middle of 2017. Maybe a few guest models might follow, maybe in the first half year of 2018 we will have "the very best of" as updates at
  • At May 5th 2018 becomes 18 years old - so the sockGIRL turns into a sockWOMAN actually - a good symbolic event to stop any updates - at and - both sites will then stay online totally unupdated/unchanged until they will totally shut down by end of 2018 at the latest. So: Updates until May 2018, after that online without updates.
  • Existing models can quit within a few days! Actually my contracts make it impossible for girls to leave my sites. But there are more and more internet "users" that really spoil any fun for my models to model! In that case I will be willing to take girls from the site if it really starts to spoil their lives. So stay tuned to be informed a few days before a model might quit.
  • Best is: Keep on stopping by and download what ever you prefer. Make sure to have all of a model you really love before she might quit. Be informed before a girl quits. Charge your prepay account wise. Make sure you have no credits left once the sites will end. There is no cash payout possible. But don't panic: I recommend to charge the prepay account with the amount you wanna spend within the next days plus 10-20 euros to be prepared in case of a great update.
  • Don't miss any important change or news with the free newsletter
Thanks for your understanding.


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