A great background, a fresh outfit and wonderful feet which are hidden in pink sneaker soc…Ida comes home and she is still a little frozen from the Christmas market. So sh…Diploma in the pocket, university can still wait, so why not earn some cash with a holiday…

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Updated news by December 22nd 2017
What is the future of Sockenmaedchen.de and Fairy-Feet.com

This information is interesting for ALL prepay account users, but also to all who are interested in our projects.
To plan your chargements of the prepay account better, you can read here how long we might still exist with what kind of updates.

Charge your prepay account in a way, so that you won't have any credits left once our projects will end.

  • The download possibility at Feet-per-View.com ended by April 2017 as announced for 2 years.
  • Feet-per-View.com was completely shut down by July 1st 2017. But you still can download selected goodies for free in our permanent Free Stuff Bonus Area
  • Fairy-Feet.com will stay online and will be ready for downloading until end of 2018. But please recognize the following:
  • There will be only 2 more new girls. 1 own German girl in January 2018 and one more Guatemalian guest model in February.
  • Brandnew updates at Fairy-Feet.com will end by the end of March 2018.
  • From April to June 2018 there will be a "Best of Feet-per-View.com" at Fairy-Feet.com! This means: 2 updates a week with productions and girls that has been online at Feet-per-View.com already before. This will be great new stuff for all those of you who don't know the material yet!
  • This Best Of FPV can be extended until end of 2018, if the amount of interested downloaders is high enough. If not, Fairy-Feet.com will stay online updateless from July-December 2018. After December 31st 2018 Fairy-Feet.com will be sgut down.
  • Mastercard pay method might end by May 2018 since we will not extend the fee of $500 per year!
  • Higher pricing: Starting at April 1st 2018 we will raise our prices for the very 1st time in 18 years! Instead of mostly Euro 2,50 or 3,00 for clips and series, all productions will cost Euro 4,- each then! This is necessary. Because to try out if the projects can be continued after 2018 we must test higher prices. If you don't like that, make sure to download all you want before March 2018 ends.
  • Sockenmaedchen.de will be shut down (and forward to Fairy-Feet.com) at July 2018
  • Don't miss any important changes or news with the free newsletter. But that newsletter will come last in April 2018. But until then with free stuff every time!
Thanks for your understanding.


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