Summer is ending but with us the sun keeps on shining. Go outside and enjoy the nice weath…We celebrate 3 things at once: We turned 2 years young now, we have the 50th gir…In this series the passionated shoe collector wears once again one of her favorite shoes -…

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Copy to you?    Enter Spamcode LG8CSA: ended – but you still can get its downloads! was for about 12 years known and loved for mega low priced downloads of clips and series with real girl-next-door foot- and sockgirls, who even talked super sexy in their clips to you or their slaves. They did worship, bondage and much more

The end of was announced for over 2 years but still a lot of people where surprised from its real end. The site is and will stay offline, which has a lot of internal reasons. I explained them all detailled in the last years.

But to make the total end of a little easier, there is now the brand new Free Stuff Bonus Area, where you can still get original prodcutions of selected models. And the best: You can get it all as a free bonus! – Click here

Have fun!

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