You meet with Alexa at the river, where she shows her feet in pantyhoses, takes them off t…A wonderfull summerday spent with Abby and her fantastic feet alone at the river…No matter wether she wears sneakers, white socks or if she's barefoot. Allegra just looks …

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Footfetish experiences, tips and
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This section is supposed to be kind of an interface between (mostly younger) footlovers and more experienced. Can you tell us your story? How did your girlfriends react to your fetish? What is the best way to get your girl open minded to this tender form of footlove? Can you help other people to be more self-assured with their foot fetish?

Tell your story, to fill this site up with interesting real stories of (feet)life! You can tell all that is about your real story and/or your point of view. Are there hints you can give as sort of a "foot wise" person? Can you disadvise anything? Who would you recommend to tell it? Only the partner or also friends and family? What is best in your opinion and why?

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