Great environment, beautiful model, enchanting feet and now even those sexy shoes. Very gi…First Anna poses a little bit in shoes and lavender kittenish socks. But then sh…First in sneakers, then in pink socks and finally barefoot Ricky has fun in this colorful …

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Feet magazines for real foot lovers

Wonderful girls' feet images in real print magazines

Some time ago we wanted to know it: Will a print magazine about girls' feet become popular again? Something you can look forward until the postman brings it? To take into your hands and to turn pages? So we created 2 issues of the magazine. The result: There was interest and also the feedback was very nice! The problem though: To create a single issue costs about 1 month of full time work. So we can say yes, it is worth on the one side, but no, they unfortunately cost too much time.

So we stopped producing them after the 2nd issue. But these two should not be missing in any collection. Especially since they are strictly limited. Issue 1 is printed 500 times, issue 2 1000 times. And we won't reprint them. So make sure to get your magazines before it is too late. Mail us and we'll find a way you can pay by prepay. One magazine is 6,- € (incl. taxes). Plus postage for sending from Germany.

Issue 1 - 32 pages about girls' feet

Foot magazine issue 1. 32 pages of beautiful feetgirls

The first issue comes with 32 pages, DIN A5 format and contains some of the cutest images ever done for our download site. Including the red/cyan 3D glasses which is needed to watch the 3D images which some series have as bonus on (magazine in German language)

Questions? Order? Mail us

Issue 2 - 48 pages about girls' feet

Foot magazine issue 2. 48 pages of beautiful feetgirls

The 2nd issue comes with 50% more content. 48 pages for the same price. Also DIN A5, without 3D glasses (they come with issue 1), but with a few posters in DIN A4 format to take out. So if you want to order a 2nd one, to keep one and use the other one for taking out the posters, the 2nd one will be only 4 euros instead of 6

Questions? Order? Mail us

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