At the old freight terminal Miley sits and enjoys the environment. Her feet are still well…Today Naemi takes us with in her garden where she lays her feet up, having a cup…In the sneakers Maren waits for you in yellow socks which will be presented in many poses.…

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Footfetish, sockfetish, preferences for feet in nylons, barefoot in sneakers,... large feet, small feet, pink socks, black socks, white socks,... there might be no other fetish seperating the preferences in so many nuances as the footfetish does.

So it is really interesting what other footlovers prefer and think. Are you more kind of an exotic with your preferences or is it rather sort of "mainstream" what you love and think?

The answers might be really interesting but be carefull concerning the representative status of the results (for example more socklovers might visit a site called than lovers of feet in pantyhose). Still, this should just be fun!

If you have a good idea about one of the next polls, let me know and maybe your question will be one of the next topics of the opinion polls here. When participating you accept the terms and conditions concerning the privacy issue*!

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Between 2 polls we always have some days break. The next poll will be up very soon.

If you have an idea for one of the next polls, mail me your suggestion.

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