Sunny, dry and not too hot. Perfect weather for doing some athletic sports. And this sport…Now there is no more reason to hesitate any longer! Cause for a symbolic small a…It seems Steffi can not decide which kind of socks fit the best to her outfit. But for you…

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September 10th 2017
16 FREE BONUS clips & series with Geena: This is the 2nd new content in the Free Stuff Bonus Area.

August 10th
As announced for about 1 week, model Mandy from left us. This can always happen sometimes pretty quick, so please keep always an eye on this site Home & News

August 2nd 2017
There are more details about the future (or the end) of and available.
Read here updated information.

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Almost everybody knows that director and actor Quentin Tarantino likes feet and always implements nice foot-scenes into his films. But here are so many more interesting movies out there. Do you know them all yet? Read here more about this exciting topic.

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Geena's feet
Welcome Geena in her very first production. First half in white socks, second half pure and barefoot. But always full of foot passion. Geena is totally hot for the topic feet and she just burns to do more with us. (Was online at FPV as Art.No. f00505)

Antje in dirty socks
Cause we just can't get enough of this sexy girl we decided to make this In Your Face set of her. Enjoy Antje in real dirty white shopper socks as well as her tender bare feet. Great positions! (Was online at FPV as Art.No. f00294)

Antje outdoor
Finally I had the opportunity to make a shooting with Antje outdoor. She awaits you at the bus stop and takes you to a river where she takes off her sneakers and her white socks. She shows her nice feet, which become a little dirty of course as well. (Was online at FPV as Art.No. f000365)


Geena's feet after sport
She already takes your breath with her images. But you didn't really experience her before you heard her talking. You will become a doubled footfriend again with this clip and all those who aren't into feet, with this girl they will wish they were! A great clip with a marvelous charisma! (Was online at FPV as Art.No. c00515)

Teacher Antje
A trip back to your days in school. You are really bad in almost every course. But your young and sexy German-teacher Antje offers you her help with private lessons. But she sees just one little chance for you... Antje talks to you in this clip. The last Antje production for now. If you like the Best-Of's there might come more Best-Of's with her by middle of 2018. (Was online at FPV as Art.No. c00322)

Antje Girly In Your Face
First Antje takes off the Buffalo Flames so you can enjoy her yummie socks. Then she shows up barefoot of course for fullest possible pleasure. A very great clip debut for the Best-Of row which comes now. She even talks to you (in German) (Was online at FPV as Art.No. c00231)

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Smellow Webmaster (41)
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==================== 2017 ====================
22.12.17 - The finalized updated details about the future of and Read it all here.
10.10.17 - 16 free bonus clips & series with Geena: This is the 2nd new content in the Free Stuff Bonus Area.
10.08.17 - As announced for about 1 week, model Mandy from left us. This can always happen sometimes pretty quick, so please keep always an eye on this site Home & News
02.08.17 - There are more details about the future (or the end) of and available. Read here updated information.
01.08.17 - After a little break the Free Stuff turned back. It is reloaded and changed into the Free Stuff Bonus Area.
10.05.17 - What about 2 real foot sister? Now previews at FREE STUFF
05.05.17 - turns 17 years old! We celebrate! You can get free clips and series from until May 14th 2017!
26.04.17 - Have fun with cute white socked girly Anja at FREE STUFF. New Happy Hour at the Facebook fansite
11.04.17 - Meet Malika in the woods and let her offer her cute white socked feet to you at FREE STUFF
29.03.17 - Have fun with innocent girly Anne in her white socks at FREE STUFF. THIS FRIDAY the possibility to download at will END!
14.03.17 - Enjoy the young Eastern European girl Antje in white socks and barefoot at FREE STUFF
01.03.17 - Go in the garden and at a fairwell to enjoy sockgirl's Selens cute teeny feet at FREE STUFF
15.02.17 - Enjoy a funny day at the playground with white socked Natascha at FREE STUFF
01.02.17 - Lara & Valerie want you to smell their cheesy socks at FREE STUFF
11.01.17 - Won't you come and smell Angel's sweaty training feet at FREE STUFF

==================== 2016 ====================
28.12.16 - Have a nice, smelly, sweaty cute slumber party with 3 sweet sock teens at FREE STUFF
13.12.16 - Exceptionally already on a tuesday instead of wednesday: New FREE STUFF with sweet'n cute Fairy-Feet Giry Larissa
12.12.16 - The end of FPV, how will it go on with the other sites? Updated information.
06.12.16 - The Christmas Special 2016 has started and will run for 3 weeks now.
30.11.16 - The last of the trailers series: Anna's official trailer at Free Stuff.
23.11.16 - Melli and her official sockgirls' trailer at Free Stuff.
16.11.16 - Johanna is part of the sockgirls' trailer gallery now! At Free Stuff.
09.11.16 - Sockgirl Silke must not be missing in a real top sockgirls collection. Her trailer now available.
02.11.16 - Anastasia joined the big party of sockgirl-trailer at FREE STUFF.
26.10.16 - Alyssa's trailer is on now, too!
19.10.16 - Selen's trailer is on!
12.10.16 - Top sockgirl's Tabea official trailer is online! Find more than 50 downloads with her!
05.10.16 - 3rd model trailer is available. Check out Geena's trailer at Free Stuff.
28.09.16 - Juliette is the 2nd Free Stuff Trailer sockgirl. At Free Stuff.
21.09.16 - Antje is the very 1st Free Stuff Trailer sockgirl. Stop by weekly now at Free Stuff.
07.09.16 - Yes! The Free Stuff summer break is over! Find 30 free images with Anny at Free Stuff.
29.06.16 - Evelina in Sneakers now at Free Stuff
15.06.16 - Cute white socks with sockgirl Jacqueline at Free Stuff
01.06.16 - Enjoy Ashley at the river at Free Stuff
18.05.16 - Angry sock girlfriend Sarah. Now at Free Stuff
04.05.16 - Suleika after sports at Free Stuff
20.04.16 - Silke sock worship at Free Stuff
06.04.16 - Romantic images with footgirl Naemi at Free Stuff
23.03.16 - Caro and her friend want you to sniff their feet at Free Stuff
09.03.16 - Rainy takes off her socks at Free Stuff
24.02.16 - 30 images with Lithuanian girl Alina at Free Stuff
10.02.16 - 30 images with Lisa in socks at Free Stuff
27.01.16 - 2 minutes with Silke and her slavegirl at Free Stuff
13.01.16 - 2 minutes with Anja in knee high socks at Free Stuff

==================== 2015 ====================
30.12.15 - 20 free images with Chily at Free Stuff
16.12.15 - 20 free images with Cora at Free Stuff
02.12.15 - 2 minutes with Geena and her boyfriend at Free Stuff
18.11.15 - 2 minutes with Tina in the park at Free Stuff
04.11.15 - 28 images of Lisa in knee high socks at Free Stuff
21.10.15 - 30 images of Denny in socks at Free Stuff
07.10.15 - Carsession with Tabea at Free Stuff
23.09.15 - Enjoy Inga in socks and bare as preview at Free Stuff
09.09.15 - Watch Melli in 30 free images in her stinky socks revenge at Free Stuff
28.08.15 - Enjoy 30 free images with Olesja at Free Stuff
12.08.15 - Underneath Juliette's chair at Free Stuff
29.07.15 - Audrey's Feet at Free Stuff
15.07.15 - Valerie dominates Lara at Free Stuff
01.07.15 - Our projects will have an end. Read here why
17.06.15 - Some 3D images at Free Stuff
03.06.15 - Andrea and her footslave girl at Free Stuff
20.05.15 - 20 cuddly socky images with cute Maja at Free Stuff and a new poll
07.05.15 - New poll about a maybe new feature
06.05.15 - See the Free Trailer of
01.05.15 - 2000-2015 ... 15 Years of - The greatest special ever started!
22.04.15 - Photo story with Nina at Free Stuff
16.04.15 - A new opinion poll about foot live sessions.
08.04.15 - Fairy Feet girl Mary at Free Stuff
31.03.15 - A new opinion poll
25.03.15 - Silke & Dana at Free Stuff
11.03.15 - A new opinion poll
07.03.15 - 30 totally free images with Antje. But only for subscribers to the free newsletter.
27.02.15 - A new opinion poll about your favorite sock color
25.02.15 - Ramona with images at Free Stuff
20.02.15 - Want to help us to stay one of the most inexpensives site in the web? Read the new article here and even get a bonus!
15.02.15 - What shoes do you like the most? New opinion poll
11.02.15 - Johanna with images at Free Stuff
06.02.15 - The last FPV newsletter is sent. Next friday we start with the newsletter
04.02.15 - New poll about your favorite foot outfit
28.01.15 - 2 minutes with Malika reading at Free Stuff
20.01.15 - Our Philosophy & History is available in English now. "Feet in Movies" - a very interesting article about "feet movies"
14.01.15 - 2 minutes with Antje as Girly in Your Face at Free Stuff and a new blog about female footsmell
04.01.15 - New feature: newsletter and new poll about nail polish
02.01.15 - v8.0 goes online! Happy New Year! Anja form FF at Free Stuff. New feature: Opinion Polls

(until end of 2014 in German only)
==================== 2014 ====================
31.12.14 - v7.4 geht offline.
24.12.14 - Neue dynamische Geschichte
10.12.14 - Was für ein Geruch Teil 2 - Neue Story
03.12.14 - Noch immer wegen Story-Shower heute beides: Probieren geht über Studieren - Teil 9 und Olesja in Socken bei Free Stuff
26.11.14 - Ihre Füße - Neue Story
19.11.14 - Wegen Story-Shower heute beides: Neue Story undMaya Worship bei Free Stuff
12.11.14 - Das Anwesen (Teil 2) Neue Story
05.11.14 - Wegen Story-Shower heute beides: Neue Story und Sally Girly Posing bei Free Stuff
29.10.14 - Das Anwesen (Teil 1) Neue Story
22.10.14 - Wegen Story-Shower heute beides: Neue Story und Sonja & Jenny bei Free Stuff
15.10.14 - Die süße Schwester meines Kumpels (Teil 1) Neue Story
08.10.14 - 27 Bilder mit Nina & Natalie bei Free Stuff
01.10.14 - Ausnahmsweise nach 14 Tagen schon der neue Teil: Probieren geht über Studieren - Teil 5. Teil 6 vermutlich in 4 Wochen.
24.09.14 - Ca 1,5 Minuten mit Betty & Christiane, den zwei Schwestern bei Free Stuff
17.09.14 - Probieren geht über Studieren - Teil 4. Achtung: Auch den Namen von der NEUEN, 4. Erstsemestlerin eingeben!
10.09.14 - 30 gemischte Bilder aus Caros Archivserie bei Free Stuff
03.09.14 - Die Rache der Drei - neue Story
27.08.14 - 1,5 Minuten mit Anica Worship bei Free Stuff
20.08.14 - Probieren geht über studieren - Teil 3
13.08.14 - 20 Bilder mit Dana & Claudia bei Free Stuff
06.08.14 - Neue Geschichte: Estelle
30.07.14 - 1,5 Minuten "Nicki Sockenschnüffeln" bei Free Stuff
23.07.14 - Probieren geht über Studieren Teil 2 - neue Geschichte
14.07.14 - wird 4 Jahre! Das feiern wir 7 Wochen lang!
09.07.14 - Eine neue Geschichte & Ende der 4. Happy Hour auf Facebook
05.07.14 - Neue Happy Hour auf unsere Facebook Fanseite!
03.07.14 - 35 Bilder mit Andrea und ihrem Dienstmädchen bei Free Stuff
05.07.14 - Neue Happy Hour auf unsere Facebook Fanseite!
03.07.14 - 35 Bilder mit Andrea und ihrem Dienstmädchen bei Free Stuff
25.06.14 - Eine neue dynamische Geschichte und neuer Free Stuff in der WebApp
18.06.14 - Gratis Vorschau mit dem sprachgewaltigen Sockenmädchen Laura bei Free Stuff
12.06.14 - Eine neue Geschichte
04.06.14 - 30 Bilder mit den beiden Sockenmädchen Antonia & Jule bei Free Stuff
28.05.14 - Eine neue Geschichte
21.05.14 - Ca 1,5 Minuten mit Traumgirl Selen aus Gym Girls bei Free Stuff
07.05.14 - 30 bunt gemischte Bilder von, ausnahmsweise die aller erste Happy Hour der Facebook Fansite bei Free Stuff
29.04.14 - Ausnahmsweise schon dienstags: Das Experiment - Teil VI
23.04.14 - 32 Bilder mit Angel Posing bei Free Stuff
16.04.14 - Neue Story: Das Werkstück
09.04.14 - Gut 1,5 Minuten mit Tamara Worship bei Free Stuff
02.04.14 - Neue Story: Die rachsüchtige Chefin Teil 2
31.03.14 - 30 Bilder mit Silke & Dana im WebApp Free Stuff
26.03.14 - 30 Bilder mit dem Fairy Feet Girl Ramona bei Free Stuff
19.03.14 - "Mein tiefer Fall und wen er mitriss - Teil 2" - Neue Geschichte
12.03.14 - 1,5 Minuten mit Zlataya bei Free Stuff
05.03.14 - "Das Experiment - Teil V" - Nach 12 Jahren: Neuer Autor, neuer Teil von Das Experiment
26.02.14 - 30 Worship-Bilder mit Vanessa bei Free Stuff
19.02.14 - "Von ihren göttlichen Füßen unterworfen" - Neue Geschichte
11.02.14 - Ca 1,5 Minuten mit Lara In Your Face bei Free Stuff
04.02.14 - "Mein tiefer Fall und wen er mitriss - Teil 1" - Neue Geschichte
29.01.14 - 34 Bilder in 3D von Audrey, Chiara und Melissa bei Free Stuff
22.01.14 - "Küsse am Samstag" - Neue dynamische Geschichte
15.01.14 - 1,5 Minuten mit der Anhalterin Mimi in Overknees bei Free Stuff
08.01.14 - "Meine Mitschülerin" - Neue Geschichte
02.01.14 - 30 Bilder mit dem sockigen Fairy-Feet Mädchen Anja bei Free Stuff

==================== 2013 ====================
25.12.13 - "Rebekkas pinkfarbene Socken" - Neue Geschichte
18.12.13 - 1,5 Minuten mit Anastasia Worship bei Free Stuff
13.12.13 - "Vom Verhängnis zum Erlebnis" - Neue dynamische Geschichte
06.12.13 - Das große Special des Jahres hat begonnen. 50% Bonus, 10-Center des Tages & gratis Clips & Serien!
04.12.13 - 30 Bilder von Salma bei Free Stuff
28.11.13 - "Die strenge Lehrerin" - Neue Geschichte
20.11.13 - 1,5 Minuten Balloncrushing mit Lisa bei Free Stuff
14.11.13 - "Vorstellung bei den Eltern" - Neue Geschichte
06.11.13 - 26 Bilder mit Tanja, teils in rosa Socken bei Free Stuff und neuer WebApp Free Stuff!
30.10.13 - "Füße aus Transsylvanien" - Neue Geschichte
22.10.13 - Gut 2 Minuten mit Fußgöttin Tabea bei Free Stuff
16.10.13 - "Tanja und Sophie" - Neue Geschichte
09.10.13 - 33 Bilder vom Fairy Girl Audrey bei Free Stuff
02.10.13 - "Die rachsüchtige Chefin" - Neue Geschichte
26.09.13 - 2 Minuten mit Fußsklavin Kristin bei Free Stuff
11.09.13 - "Der Vaterschaftstest" - Neue Geschichte
04.09.13 - 30 Bilder mit Melli Worship bei Free Stuff
28.08.13 - "Die Sache" - Neue Kurzgeschichte
21.08.13 - 2 Minuten mit Jenny aus "Gym Girls" bei Free Stuff
14.08.13 - "Die Schwester und die Freundinnen meines Kumpels" - Teil 2. Bei Geschichten
07.08.13 - 35 Bilder mit der sockigen Aisha bei Free Stuff
24.07.13 - "Meine betrügerische Frau" - Teil 1. Neue Geschichte
17.07.13 - 2 Minuten mit Dans Stinkesocken und-Füßen bei Free Stuff
11.07.13 - "Die Schwester und die Freundinnen meines Kumpels" - neue Geschichte
03.07.13 - 50 Bilder mit der Litauerin Julija bei Free Stuff
26.06.13 - Neue, recht kurze Geschichte
19.06.13 - 2 Minuten mit Juliette zu Hause bei Free Stuff
12.06.13 - Neue Geschichte, neuer WebApp FREE STUFF, Bonus Geschenk-Galerie!
05.06.13 - 40 Bilder mit Miriam bei Free Stuff
01.06.13 - Ende des großen BDay Specials, das nun 1 ganzen Monat lang ging! Danke für eure große Beteiligung und das viele positive Feedback!
29.05.13 - Lauras Geheimnis Teil 3 - neue Geschichte
22.05.13 - 2 Minuten mit Anica in Your Face bei Free Stuff
Kurze Updatepause wegen 13jähriger Geburtstagsfeier mit brutal tollen Specials

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