Meet Sabine in the forest where she takes off her shoes to show you her white socked feet.…In deed Cate wears a summer dress, but against cold feet boots and socks are the…Red room, wine red t-shirt and wine red boots. This looks pretty good. And then Jana's fox…

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You are female, over 18 years old and looking for an additional income?

Then you might have found exactly the right thing with this web page if you as a young woman (18 years or older) feel like having an extra income, would like to earn some extra pocket money and if you even are a little crazy yourself and like and appreciate the extraordinary.

With you can make interesting experiences in an exciting and diverse way and can also earn some really easy money on top of that. There are following options:

  • Become a model! Surely you can approach things slowly and make a pure foot posing at first. There are many people who will be pleased to see your pretty feet shown on photos. That's all. Your extra income is already secured and you have gained first model experiences with a nice photographer. Interested? Leave me a message on contact form and tell me a little about yourself (Where from? How old/tall/heavy are you? How much do you weigh?). There are no requirements concerning your height as there are e.g. with catwalk models. Just be natural and all yourself. The only condition is that your distance to Heidelberg/Germany should be at most 100 km, otherwise a photo shooting will be difficult. Maybe under certain circumstances you could become a distance-model by sending good(!) and unique picture series to us. Get in contact with me and we talk about details and see if it is possible
  • Sell socks, shoes etc. or meet foot lovers who would like to e.g. massage your feet. Some people who find feet pretty and also somehow very sexy, also find the scent of women very attractive (after all, sex attractants, so-called pheromones have been added in sweat by nature intentionally). Your foot odor is supposed to be attractive to men naturally! There is nothing strange and incomprehensible at all about it. Indeed, you can decide whether to make money out of this smell instead of performing a wasteful way of money-laundering in the washing machine). For this purpose, you can use contact board for free. Good luck!

Of course it will be best if you model first, and then when you have plenty of fans, you sell your socks on the contact board. Just send me a message and I will take my time to explain everything in detail to you e.g. on the phone.

There is still to mention that you have to be 18 years or older for all this and must pay tax on possible income according to the valid laws.

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