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This is the philosophy of

What is about

The topic is clear: The beauty of female feet and the admiration and fondness for those. But what is the concept, consisting of the 3 pages, and

3 different pages were not planned from the beginning. And for 5 years (in 2000-2005) there was only, where everything took place, more or less thrown together on one site! Why three different pages developed at the end, you can find out below in the history. At this point I would like to explain why I personally didn't want to simply make a pure download page, but also wanted to include stories, contacts, user experience and since v8.0 also increasingly articles and reports all around the topic feet.

Actually, you can most likely reply with a counter question: Why not? And I think it developed automatically from the beginning. In my own interest, I was also keen on the background of other footlovers. To tell the truth, when I started with in May 2000, being a pizza driver by that time, I had no money for Content, for things like photos and videos, but the need to start "with something" was already there. For I was thirsting to know whether I was "really the only one of this kind" or not. So initially, consisted mainly of anything else than images and clips. But then I started to have fun with photography, and the feedback (despite the lousy image and video quality by that time) was overwhelming. This is where the Content area emerged from. However, the whole "package" has remained, because I would simply like to give a community feeling, especially (but not only) to people who venture the first steps in foot fetish. If you can read personal ads of other fetishists or their stories and experiences, it raises your self-confidence and you can stand up to your penchant and feel fine with it. Besides, you receive recognition if the stories or articles you've sent in are highly appreciated.

This also explains the price design concept of download portals. Every now and then curious first customers ask me about the negative side of the extremely low prices per series or clip. In fact, somebody once wrote me "If your price was ten times as high I would order things right away. But like this it just seems cheap to me, sorry." Of course, this is a question of attitude. And it also happens that e.g. the models ask me, nearly offended "Why am I sold off for lousy 2.50 Euros?" - And at first I was staggered because they seemed somehow right. At first sight a model doesn't seem to be appreciated when she has made every effort in a shooting, looking pretty and then "she" is offered for only 2.50 Euros.

This is because I am trying my best to maintain a 15-year-old philosophy: I want that everyone who feels close with the community can afford as many great series and clips as he wants. For me it's not about becoming rich. (And I definitely won't, as you can see, when I had to give up the studio and since I "have to" program everything myself). My concern is that every fan and supporter of the whole project can get back something regularly, more often sometimes and in a great extent. Everyone should be able to say: "I like to purchase from there, because I receive many nice things, and with this contribution I make a huge support to obtain the three projects".

My tax consultant has advised me for years to raise prices drastically, so that everything remains affordable in the near future. But I keep telling her that I won't. "If anybody wants or has to spend more money, he should get more for it. Also in the amount. But I won't force anybody to do so." However, unfortunately, credit institutions and their fees force me to establish minimum order quantities. Otherwise a credit card payment of 2.50 Euros would even mean a deficit for the site! When I now say: "Order requires a minimum of 3 products", then the price has stayed the same, but the affordability is further secured. If you still want to buy 1 item at a time, please consider prepaid account. It shows that it actually is due to the fees charged by the financial institutions. If these are no longer charged (as with the prepaid account), then buying "only" 1 item is no problem!

As long as there is and the other websites, I want many foot fans to be able to afford many pretty things, as long as the principle can persist. I want to offer a community portal (this site) and I want to be a source for photos and clips that will delight every true foot friend, for a symbolically low amount. If many continue to join in, it can still persist for a long time. If the trend rather goes to "I just want to have, but do nothing" or "I want to have everything for free", then, I'm afraid, it won't last much longer. Thank you for every support, by creative nature or with downloads!

The history

In May 2000, I made first steps with HTML and was as proud as a peacock when I was able to color a text with HTML red. By September, I had saved up the first shooting money, and only then the first series with "Tanja" went online. By then, I was also able to change the font color to green :D (joke). The first series I shot amateurishly with a built-in flash and an analog camera. I had to have the photos developed first, then scanned in and after that put them on offer. At that time direct download didn't work (I couldn't program and the internet was horribly slow and expensive. Per minute or per traffic...) So I had to make small packages... 3 series came on one CD ROM entitled with "Posing Beauties". Only every approx. 2-3 months there was a new CD.

A few years later came the weekly updated "Download Area". Excerpts from 3 photo sets, plus a clip at 6.90 Euros. It was well received, as now everything was available for immediate download, however, just after "my choice". It was still very inflexible. At that time, however, it didn't bother anybody, but everyone even seemed to be happy about the range of offers.

A friend of mine who also likes feet and every now again acted as my consultant, pushed me for certainly 1-2 years: "You should do direct download! This is too trashy!" So I had to bite the bullet and learn PHP and MySql. There was no way without databases. In June 2005, I started to develop In July, the site was as good as done. The shop system however, was hell. It had to distinguish between mail delivery and download order, between advanced payment, cash on delivery or direct debit (the latter not with downloads... what if both download AND mail delivery were ordered... ?) - Disaster. And then, as my girlfriend at that time broke up with me, this 2000 PHP lines code took me until December!

But on 6 December 2005, it was accomplished: went online. Finally everyone could order what he wanted and have it at home within minutes. But if you think that the majority was happy, then you are mistaken: Apparently, people hate changes and reject them at first categorically. However, a few months later even the last skeptics realized that this was better than mail delivery or the stiff "download area".

But the peace proved to be of temporary nature. The internet spread widely, it was soon on every mobile phone, entered the classroom. Much to the chagrin of some models who were bullied partly very badly. This is why it became difficult, even almost impossible to still find models for, models who wanted to talk in videos or do "actions". The question was: Engage professional models? Stop everything completely? Or do something in a different way?

Stopping was no option. Neither were professional models. It still had to be completely natural girls from "next door". Anything else would have been a betrayal of the crucial concept that applied from the very beginning! So in the beginning of 2010 I developed together with my girlfriend back then the concept of! Its basic idea: "Back to the roots!" The question was and still IS: "What do we like?". And the answer: "The beauty of the feet of pretty, natural, young women (18 and older)". Does it always have to be with blatant action? Aren't you able to use your own imagination for dreams? Or do people perhaps recognize the "newly discovered purity" of innocent pictures and clips of If so, great! Because then there can exist a page on which the models can feel comfortable again, where they agree 100% with its concept, design and performance. And as you can see: has been creating approx. 100 new models in about 5 years! not even 1/4 of it in the same period. Even the visitors agreed with us: "Finally! The ever submissive/dominant texts on FPV are annoying! Finally a site which is purely about beauty, without blatant texts or direct action!" Many enjoy the idea about "Back to the real". And I am happy that it has become a page which the models are proud of, which they even show to their friends or share on Facebook. Both sites have their charms, of course. However, I am always particularly happy when new visitors recognize and appreciate the quieter, but all the finer shades of

And now, since January 2015, there is in its 8th version. Previous versions already came with many features such as sock sales, chat, forum, model contact board, auctions,... unfortunately all that was either abused or it created too much additional work which was no more viable. Sure enough, there are plenty of other great forums on the internet. But other features might be included again sometime. It just depends on how everything develops and whether it makes sense, how much this site and also other download pages are frequented. There are plenty of opportunities available for lots of exciting reports, thrilling new features and surely great models and productions, and with v8.0 even increased significantly. Now only the users' and visitors' interests remain to tip the scales.

Thank you for your interest and for reading.

Smellow/Webmaster in Dec 2014

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