Though there is pretty similar videoclip of sporty Annika already, we decided to make it a…Okay, the waterfall is actually just a little streamlet but Naemi is even a grea…Meet Julia in the forest. She wears ballerinas which are taken off soon so she can show he…

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You want to help this site to stay alive?
Want to help to even improve it and fill it with life?
Want to be a part of

I really appreciate this! Actually I do all this on my own besides my regular job. All the shootings, model search, programming all the sites, keep them up to date, bureaucracy,... there is just no more time left for some things which are totally important though! That's why I really need some helpfull hands. I often say "we" on my sites cause I count all the models as well as all the helpers (like story writers, article authors,...) to the big family. So it is a little strange to say "be a part of" and then say "I" instead of "we" :-)

Anyway: I (or we?) need your help in a couple of things. Most of them are voluntary, with at least mentioning your name (like storywriter), with some you can even earn downloads if you want. See by yourself:

  • Writing stories. With v8.0 we started to publish in English as well! We really need a lot of great Emglish stories about feet, socks, footfetish, sneakerfetish and so on. Are you a gifted writer? Can you send own written(!) stories? Voluntary. Read here how you can send them
  • Writing articles / Send inspirations for news. v8.0 is focussed on reports, blogs, news and articles about all the things around feet, footgirls, footfetish,... Can you write a great article? Or can you give me an idea for a next topic? Voluntary. Check here how you can help
  • Recommend us. We need some more visitors to have a great Contact Board, Story section and all the rest. So, please recommend if you can do this by your inner conviction. If you know newsgroups, forums, discussion boards, if you use signatures or have a YoutTube channel... link to us from every foot related(!) place (as long as you bother nobody or other webmasters). You can earn credits for your Prepay Account for each visitor you send us. Read more about it here (below in the box)
  • Translate texts into English. You are a native English speaking person (with good grammar and orthography)? But you understand German pretty good? In this case I would love to welcome you as a translator of texts for the Fetish News section. You should be reliable and be able to translate like 1000-1500 words within 1-3 days, for app. once a month. You will earn download credits. Mail me if you are interested
  • Make us popular on Facebook. This also helps to get more visitors to make this place more and more alive. This can be done by liking and sharing our Fansite as well as some of the postings. Voluntary.
  • Tell girls about so that they might model for us or even sell their socks or do live meetings in the board. You can tell them how much money they could earn with their feet. But be carefull: Do not ask girls under 18 years! And do not bother totally foreign girls. Best is to ask girls and women you really know personally. You act in your own responsibility. If we find a girl through you which becomes a model, you can have all the productions we do with her plus more as well.

Thank you very much for your support!

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